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Flash'n Back: You Heard About Pluto? - Walker, Texas Ranger

Originally published on The Jenny Position on 7/13/22, this episode of You Heard About Pluto is part of the Flash'n Back series right here on NoSo! I will be sharing these intermittently throughout the year to relive some of my favorite shows. Enjoy!

In this edition of You Heard About Pluto, Jenny welcomes returning guest Tim Slomka to watch an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger! Few men are as iconic as Chuck Norris for some undefinable reason. Jenny and Tim talk about that plus watching the show at Grandma’s house, dogs, various cleaning products, Fire Walker Texas Ranger, the perfect margarita mix, lame eBay purchases, the Chuck Norris jokes origin, inexplicable cell phone technology and so much more! Chuck Norris does not sleep, he waits… on Pluto TV!


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