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Multiverse of Fabulousness #16-1: WWF SpookySlam 1991 (Grindhouse Special Part I)

Travel through the multiverse where Jonnie Sea is looking for worlds of pop culture variants!

This month the MoF brings you two episodes in celebration of HALLOWEEN! It’s like that movie Grindhouse… but better?

Up first, Jonnie and Keith Langston (GFA Live, Greetings from Allentown) visit Earth-91 and discover that rather then spend a TUESDAY in TEXAS, the WWF is going full steam ahead with a Tuesday PPV, just a few days before Halloween. Keith and Jonnie will reveal their match cards and some fun HALLOWEEN ANTICS from Vince McMahon & Company!

Plus: Don’t adjust your headset… we indeed have two Lord Alfred Hayes impressions!


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