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Multiverse of Fabulousness #20: WRESTLING WE LOVE (AND YOU HATE?)

Travel through the multiverse where Jonnie Sea and Keithie Langston are looking for worlds of pop culture variants!

This month, the MoF is bringing some list based entertainment. The boys have each compiled a top ten list of things we love about PRO WRESTLING, that we know most fans don’t agree with. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not looking to spread hate, but rather, share with all of you some of the quirky things about the wrestling world that really tickles our fancy!

Be warned however, JONNIE’s number 1 might leave you speechless, but KEITHIE’s might BREAK THE INTERNET!

Plus: Colonel DeKlerk, The Dark Patriot, Rhea Ripley going after “men’s” titles, and even more Colonel DeKlerk!

Also available in Video, on YouTube!

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