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Multiverse of Fabulousness #25: WWE SMASH BROS

Travel through the multiverse where Jonnie Sea and Keithie Langston are looking for worlds of pop culture variants!

This month, the boys travel to EARTH-SMASH, a world where the WWE has created their own popular version of the video game SUPER SMASH BROTHERS! However, the game is about to release its final eight playable characters, and since the roster is already very deep, JONNIE and KEITHIE are each going to nominate eight characters from SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT history to fill these final slots!

Ladies and Gentleman I can promise you that this episode contains some very DEEP CUTS and references to the world of professional wrestling!

Plus: Stick around for the conclusion as Jonnie and Keithie put their lists to the test with a mini-game that will BLOW YOUR MINDS!



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