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No Holds Barred Special Edition #4: Seinfeld Chronicles #4 - Male Unbonding (S1, E4)

First they were making the cut. Then they made the cut! And now... Aaron and JT are covering the gamut of wrestling, pop culture and beyond because... it is time to get NO HOLDS BARRED - SPECIAL EDITION!

In this episode, the guys are joined by Steve Bennett to continue their journey through Seinfeld with a live watch of Male Unbonding (S1, E4). They discuss the shift of the sitcom landscape in the 2000s, Jerry Seinfeld's relationship with Howard Stern, Joel haunting Jerry, the birth of Kramerica Industries and much more, plus end of show awards!

Come for the concept and the absurdity, stay for Bermuda, Kokomo, the Property AND Neville Brothers. JT! Aaron! NO HOLDS BARRED - SPECIAL EDITION!

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