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No Holds Barred: The Podcast #95 - Greatest WWE Title Change of All Time #14: A Tale of Two Eudys

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

First they were making the cut. Then they made the cut! And now... Aaron and JT are covering the gamut of wrestling, pop culture and beyond because... it is time to get NO HOLDS BARRED!

In this very nice episode, the boys are diving into their big stretch project: ranking every single WWE World Title change ever! They will be discussing and breaking down each and every match where the WWE's top prize changed hands and creating a master all time list. In this episode, they break down Psycho Sid's second WWF Title reign, including his win on Monday Night Raw and his loss at WrestleMania 13.

Come for the concept and the absurdity, stay for Bermuda, Kokomo, the Property AND Neville Brothers. JT! Aaron! NO HOLDS BARRED!



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