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No Holds Barred: The Podcast #99 - Live Watch Bonanza - Steiner vs. Triple H (Royal Rumble 2003)

First they were making the cut. Then they made the cut! And now... Aaron and JT are covering the gamut of wrestling, pop culture and beyond because... it is time to get NO HOLDS BARRED!

In this episode, the guys are joined by Chad Campbell, Ryan Gray & Jennifer Smith to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Royal Rumble 2003 with a live watch of Scott Steiner vs. Triple H! They dig into how Steiner's run could have been salvaged, opportunities to improve Triple H's title reign, the legacy of the match and much more! Come for the concept and the absurdity, stay for Bermuda, Kokomo, the Property AND Neville Brothers. JT! Aaron! NO HOLDS BARRED!



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