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NoSo Countdown: Greatest WrestleMania Performers #40-38: Bobby Lashley, Eddie Guerrero, and Demolition

Welcome to NoSo Countdown!

On this edition, the NoSo Staff is counting down the TOP 40 WrestleMania Performers.

In this episode: JT & Marcus from the WWE WAR Podcast makes the case for Bobby Lashley, the 40th-best WrestleMania competitor.

Richie Mars from Wrestling Retold & Relived & Chrissy_Tina from the Wrestling With Friends Podcast make a case for Eddie Guerrero, the 39th-best WrestleMania competitor.

Steve Bennett & Dave Hall from ChroNoSo make the case for Demolition, the 38th-best WrestleMania competitor.

Do we get it right or wrong? What’s next on the Countdown?? Let us know what you think! Who will be number #1? LIKE and SUBSCRIBE with NOTIFICATIONS ON if you enjoyed the video!



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