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NoSo Network: WWE 2023 Year End Awards, Part One

On this episode of the NoSo Network, Ryan Gray is joined by Rocco Martone, Richie Mars & Mike Rossi and they use the Wrestling Observer as a guideline to go through the year 2023. This is part one of two where they tackle the following categories 

- Best High Flyer/Technical/Brawler

- Best Wrestling Maneuver

- Best Non-Wrestler

- Best/Worst TV Announcer

- Most Overrated/Underrated

- Rookie of the Year

- Best/Worst Gimmick

- Most Improved

- Most Charismatic

- Biggest Box Office Draw

- Promotion of the Year

- Promoter/Booker of the Year

- Best/Worst Major Wrestling Show

- Best/Worst Weekly TV Show

- Worst Match of the Year

- Worst Feud of the Year

Part Two is coming soon!



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