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Talk'n Pop: Keith Langston

Jennifer Smith and Tim Capel are back with a brand NEW episode of Talk'n Pop where we proudly welcome the loquacious Keith "Keithie" Langston! Keith's quick assimilation into the extended North-South community and fast friendships within our social circle DEMANDED his turn in the hotseat. And how very fitting, given his own upbringing as something of a north-south connection itself. This goes a long way in furthering our continuing mission to know "why are you like this?" which includes Keithie's musing on:

-Accepting the role of "caretaker" within his family-The... rather pointed generationally and geographically-influenced relationship he has with his mother and other immediate family members-Planning his own wedding-Eating the whole "shit sandwich" that is divorce-And hey, speaking of shit (because such stories are contractually obligated)...-The asshole kid who steals your WWF Hasbro Mr. Perfect who you're friends with anyway-Found family via wrestling, comics, travel, and Legos

Keith can be heard on the Greetings From Allentown Podcast, hosting his own interview show A La Carte with Keithie, and is part of the regular rotation on Video Jukebox Song of the Day for the Place To Be Nation POP Experience. And if you want more of the Jenny-Tim-Keithie trio, check out X-Position: An X-Men Podcast. Despite his status as special guest, he hasn't missed an episode yet! Follow Keithie on Twitter @flounder824 for even more merriment.



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