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The Jenny Position Episode 115 - Talk’n Pop: A Very Cryptid Thanksgiving

Everyone's favorite pass-around podcast Talk'n Pop is back, as Jenny and Tim limp kicking and screaming into the holidays! After acknowledging that Everything Fucking Sucks and airing some grievances about how little we give a fuck about Thanksgiving or Christmas this year, we delve into a topic not fit for any of our other pods: cryptids!

That is, animals and/or supernatural beings which may or may not exist. Bigfoot! The Loch Ness Monster! The Moth Man! The Jersey Devil! Bat Boy! It's an all-star line-up of enchanting folklore, along with some... shall we say, supremely local lore along the way. (You dare not miss the legend of the Penis Man.) Who plays the Mulder and who plays the Scully on this eerie and entertaining outing? And speaking of, we set the mood with a thematically appropriate episode of The X-Files (a curious monster-of-the-week offering yet mildly important in that it features a returning David Duchovny, only Mulder has a brain tumor that he seeks to cure through being eaten by a misshapen woods creature. It's a lot.) So anyway, feel free to throw that on as background to join us in our occasional disgust and confusion.


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