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The Jenny Position Episode 121: Flash’n Back - JAD

Originally published on Place to Be Nation Pop on January 28th, 2019, this episode of Talk'n Pop is part of the Flash'n Back series right here on The Jenny Position. I will be sharing these intermittently throughout the year to relive some of my favorite shows. Enjoy!

Here it is, folks! This is the interview you have been waiting for. Tim and Jenny get candid with the one, the only, the GOAT, John Arsenio D'Amato. They get this PTBN legend to open up about a myriad of subjects including his childhood, career, friends with benefits, tinder hookups, awkwardness, Debbie Does Dallas, karaoke, WrestleMania and so much more!! This hilarious and random glimpse into the life of Johnny D cannot be missed!!



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