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The Jenny Position Episode 129: Flash’n Back- Cowboy Roger

Originally published on The Jenny Position, this episode of Talk'n Pop is part of the Flash'n Back series right here on NoSo! I will be sharing these intermittently throughout the year to relive some of my favorite shows. Enjoy!

It's time for another "on the couch" edition of Talk'n Pop as Jenny and Tim have an intimate chat with the man known only as (for public purposes anyway): Cowboy! Pull up a chair while Cowboy regales us with tales on how he entered our immediate circle of friends, the origin of his celebrated nom de guerre, party fouls, and unconventional fan communities. Cowboy has quite the "eclectic" personal history and has emerged from the other side as a rather different person - with plenty to say and no punches pulled about the work it took to get there. Highlights of our talk include:

-The philosophy of saying yes to everything

-Top 5 human being Dave Bautista

-Political extremes in reality vs. social media

-Alcoholism and recovery

-Juggalo culture

-Four Loko-fueled rickshaw decisions

-Being ejected from bars in various cities

-Farting on supermarket intercoms


As is basically always the case, the conversation took some unplanned and unexpected turns. By the end, we were left with an education... and a lot to consider. We felt closer to our friend through this podcast and hope that you will likewise enjoy getting to know the Cowboy a little better!



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