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The Jenny Position Episode 132- Talk’n Pop: Rocco Martone, Jersey Devil

While we didn't plan this as a sequel to our episode on cryptids, the colorful life of the charismatic, loquacious, and multi-talented Rocco Martone may as well be the stuff of legend. Whether as a musician, actor, writer, or all-around extremist, Rocco has seemingly lived several lifetimes worth of stories. Consequently, he makes for not only a great friend, but an endless supply of fresh material! The question we always ask of our guests: "Is anything off limits?" truly applies in more ways than one on this roller coaster episode of Talk'n Pop. In getting to know Rocco, you'll be acquainted with such topics as:

-Alternate personalities (for dramatic effect)

-Painful Urination

-"Jesus, the Total Douchebag" and other inspiring pictures

-Humping a wet magazine

-Broken ankles

-Why you never go to a second location

-Cocaine math

-Law enforcement at its finest

-What's the deal with New Jersey?


Suffice to say, this one goes places, so take that as a content warning.

Rocco performs lead vocals for the horror-influenced death metal band CHAINED TO THE DEAD, who may be playing a venue near you soon in the Northeast! Follow them at Rocco can also be heard on the ChroNoSo Monthly podcast right here on the North-South Connection.


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