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The Jenny Position Episode 140 - Talk’n Pop: Non-Human Biologics & You

Hey guys, did you miss the news that aliens are real? Because somehow THAT completely flew under the radar (no pun intended) last week. Inspired by the July 27, 2023 congressional hearing in which three military veterans testified as to their experiences and knowledge relating to unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), Talk'n Pop is Talk'n Paranormal once again to break it all down for you! Most compelling was the account of retired Air Force Major David Grusch, an intelligence official for the Pentagon's UAP Task Force-turned-whistleblower. Grusch's disclosure of a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program, including the recovery of "non-human biologics," was nothing short of extraordinary given its specificity and supposed credibility. How in the world isn't this dominating not just national, but world news?? We offer our theories on that, with the broader discussion touching upon:

-Tim and Jenny's differing philosophies as to the potential existence of "non-human biologic" lifeforms and visitations

-Recollections of UFOs and aliens as presented in the media we consumed growing up

-Why the change in attitude towards official reporting of UAP encounters after decades of evasion and government cover-up

-The difference and significance of extraterrestrial vs. interdimensional beings

-Implications of first contact on humanity as a whole and on personal belief systems

-Impressions of what these alleged non-human biologic lifeforms might be like

-How these beings might perceive humanity

-Whether the whistleblowers are being misled or have anything to gain by lying

-What's needed to secure public buy-in

All of this, with the 1996 Charlie Sheen science fiction thriller "The Arrival" serving as our most fitting backdrop and occasional distraction. What's next in the realm of UAP reporting? Are we taking baby steps towards a major bombshell... or just waiting for the big lie/distraction (something BORING like a stupid drone surveillance program) to reveal itself? Whatever the future holds, TnP will be on the scene!



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