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The Jenny Position Episode 143: Flash’n Back - Talk’n Pop: Jambalaya Jake

Originally published on The Jenny Position on 12/17/21, this episode of Talk'n Pop is part of the Flash'n Back series right here on NoSo! I will be sharing these intermittently throughout the year to relive some of my favorite shows. Enjoy!

In this very special edition of Talk'n Pop, Jenny and Tim welcome their close personal friend and cohost Jacob Williams! Before diving into Jake's early life and career, the crew explains the function and origin of the poop knife. Jake educates Jenny and Tim on cajun culture, including the accent and lifestyle and then shares how he came to be an educator. From down the bayou to casually building a house on the weekends, this glimpse into the backstory of one of their favorite people makes this bucket list interview a must listen edition of Talk'n Pop!

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