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The Jenny Postion Episode 135: Flash’n Back- Shawn Kidd

Originally published on The Jenny Position on 1/21/20, this episode of Talk'n Pop is part of the Flash'n Back series right here on NoSo! I will be sharing these intermittently throughout the year to relive some of my favorite shows. Enjoy!

New year, new guest - and he's a first-timer! Talk'n Pop keeps it hot and fresh by welcoming (and gently breaking in) podcast virgin Shawn Kidd for the usual chicanery. The well-traveled Shawn has seen no shortage of adventures, giving Jenny and Tim a taste throughout our journey including the following:

*Cultivating community through podcasting *The most famous couch in Madison Square Garden *JackDew *The things we do for love *Drunk-ass disheveled pick-ups *Harry Potter (because of course) *Being a good parent even though, Man... Fuck Them Kids *Speed reading, how does it work?? *Memories, photographic and otherwise

You'll be ready to call your sister-in-law by the time it's over. (We will assume no responsibility for WHAT you call her.) So, come for the Elizabethan Parlor Games of courtship and stay for our massive geek-out out over 1980s Marvel comics! Shawn has no additional podcasts to promote, but I'm sure that will change following our inspirational conversation. We'll keep you posted.



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