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X-Position: An X-Men Podcast #0- Pryde of the X-Men

X-Position?? What the heck is X-Position?! Because YOU demanded it, mutant mania has overtaken the Jenny Position with an all-new, all-different, ONGOING X-Men podcast! Join Jennifer Smith, Tim Capel, and a rotating assortment of co-hosts for an exhaustive chronicle of the X-Men's adventures in animation, film, and heck maybe even in prose. It's a true multimedia extravaganza with Marvel's favorite band of misfits!

Before beginning our coverage proper with X-Men: The Animated Series, we thought we would throw it back to the team's first major foray into animation. It's the 1989 one-shot curio Pryde of the X-Men! How does this ill-fated pilot stack up against it's 1992 successor? Why is the opening theme still kind of a bop? What's the deal with Dazzler? WHY IS WOLVERINE AUSTRALIAN?? There's PLENTY to unpack here in this special "episode zero" to whet your appetite for what's to come! Whether you are new to the world of the X-Men or a lifelong fan, we proudly welcome you to X-Position. And as they say in the funnybooks, hope you survive the experience!


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