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X-Position: An X-Men Podcast #2: Night of the Sentinels - Part 2

Proudly presented by Jennifer Smith, Tim Capel, and a rotating panel of co-hosts, X-Position: An X-Men Podcast sees The Jenny Position transformed ...mutated, if you will... into a retrospective chronicle of the X-Men's adventures in other media and influence on the pop culture landscape. After a super-sized debut, we've had just about all the X-Citement we can handle. ...NOT!!

Joined once again by Logan Crosland and Keith Langston for this second outing, we recap the senses-shattering series premiere and run down the stunning conclusion to "Night of the Sentinels." Showcasing a signature rapid-fire pace, grueling interpersonal conflicts, explosive action, and shocking developments, this may very well be THE quintessential X-Men episode a mere two episodes in! With sensitivity in its handling of mature subject matter and admirably complex storytelling, X-Men demonstrates that it isn't afraid to challenge its young viewers even at the risk of courting controversy, cementing its reputation as an unprecedented achievement for the fledgling Fox Kids Network. Suffice to say: it is here we learn the purpose behind Morph's questionable presence on the show. Beast, sadly, fares only a little better. However, Rogue continues to be an absolute delight, doling out southern wisdom whilst hip-tossing Sentinels. The fierce rivalry between Wolverine and Cyclops is on full display, as told through an exploration of the former's psychological depth and a triumphant character arc for the latter. Witness as well Storm's full fury unleashed and Gambit's smooth, charming confidence under pressure. All this, plus Jubilee's fateful decision, and a surprising development on the human-mutant relations front.

You might say this one has EVERYTHING! Come on back for a landmark episode that changed the game in children's animation and put every other series on notice!


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