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You Know What That Means: An AEW Podcast #29: All “OUI OUI” Wrestling?!

C’est Vendredi, et tu sais ce que cela signifie! Wait... is the AEW podcast entirely in French this week?! Maybe not, but France did provide more than just french toast for Jordan and Andrew in Episode 29 of YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS as they go down a YouTube rabbit hole and rewatch the first ever episode of Dynamite (EN FRANCIS!)

In this edition, the guys reminisce about AEW’s first cable show in Washington D.C. as they recap the third anniversary show in D.C. and the great debate of TV ratings vs ticket sales. Will we see any ‘Bizarro World’ moments for AEW’s debut in Toronto, Canada? Who will end Jade Cargill’s undefeated streak? Would either of us be sad if we never saw another Battle of the Belts again? (Spoiler alert: No). Is one of the Four Pillars Sammy Guevara on shaky ground for having the most punchable face? Is it possible that Saraya outdid Marina Shafir for “WTH Promo of the Year”? What defines an “AEW guy” or a “WWE guy” and which ones might as well jump back? (We are looking at YOU, Jake Hager!) And the most important question: Did Jordan get detained at the Canadian border after trying to buy candy?

Tune in, subscribe to the North-South Connection feed, and enjoy!



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