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You Know What That Means: An AEW Podcast #31: Jarrett’s World

It's Friday, and you know what that means! Andrew and Jordan are back for another episode of You Know What That Means, the AEW podcast!

In this episode, the guys discuss J-E-DOUBLE F, J-A-DOUBLE R, E-DOUBLE T's arrival to A Double L, E single L, I single T E, W - In a relationship and it's complicated R.... eh, you get it.

They also talk MJF's potential path to the title, the greatness of The Acclaimed and poor Daddy Ass's shark fin hands, a World Title Eliminator tournament, the possible return of Malakai Black and the inevitable clash at Final Battle: JERICHO VS RICCABONI.

And if you ever thought we were just AEW fanboys who never see anything wrong with the show, this is the episode for you, as both guys admit the TV product is flat right now and needs a shot in the arm. A shot of what, though? The answer, as always, is Ricky Starks!

So like, subscribe, download, airdrop, DM, screenshot and many other terms for phone apps, as you take a listen to this one!



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