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You Know What That Means: An AEW Podcast #33: Beware of the All-Time Eliminator!

It’s Friday, and you know what that means… or maybe you don’t! It’s time for another episode of You Know What That Means, the AEW Podcast!

Unfortunately, like a certain Lord of the Blackpool Combat Club, Jordan Duncan had to step away from his co-hosting duties for “family time” (which, based on rampant speculation, could be that he got paid more money to reboot Rank and File), but for the third time this year, Steve Wille (COVID-free and Scott-free!) fills in to talk to Andrew Riche about all things All Elite Wrestling! Is it possible that William Regal having the OPTION to get a better gig by bouncing back and forth between AEW and WWE is actually a good sign for professional wrestlers? Why is the biggest ROH fan ever not excited AT ALL about Final Battle this Saturday, and could it be an afternoon delight or a total afterthought? Then the two talk about Winter Is Coming and the soon-to-be-legendary MJF/Ricky Starks promo on Dynamite before they dive in on the main topic: The AEW Pay-Per-View/Special Event Eliminator (That’s a mouthful!) We determine the greatest ever, the worst ever (ROH is mentioned again), and take some trips down Elite memory lane before we finish off with some random questions! So sit down, grab your commemorative Heisman Trophy, and get ready for some laughs, insights, and TOTAL ELIMINATIONS on the THIRTY-THIRD episode of You Know What That Means on the North-South Connection podcast feed!



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