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You Know What That Means: An AEW Podcast #37: All Elite Potpourri

It's Friday, and you know what that means! It's time for a new episode of You Know What That Means: An AEW Podcast!

On this episode, Jordan and Andrew talk about the hot streak of AEW TV. The shows are great, but the distinct lack of backstage drama feels... empty? The boys lament that they will be forced to watch great wrestling without WILDLY SPECULATING who hates who in real life.

They also discuss the Royal Rumble in a small bit of WWE banter, a loaded Dynamite, a must see Rampage match (wait, WHAT?), Ethan Page slapping tits and pretty much everything else that happened in the last two weeks!

Along the way, they take brief stops to discuss the AEW Crate release, the worst T-shirt you could get, Satnam Singh, Billie Starkz, the current state of the women's division and, gasp, a BAD Acclaimed segment!

So tune in and get your fill of ALL THINGS All Elite.

And yes... we still like Jeff Jarrett's current run. We're sorry.



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